Chime Routing Number

If you want to deposit money into your Chime Bank account, what is the Chime routing number?

The Chime routing number is either 031101279 or 103100195 depending on the institution that services your account. You can find the routing number by logging into your Chime account, locating the ‘Move Money’ tab, and then selecting ‘Direct Deposit.’

You need to find your bank routing number to deposit money into your Chime bank account. If you’ve just applied for a Chime bank account and you’re used to using traditional banks, it can take a bit of time to figure out how to find your routing number.

Depending on which institution services your Chime Bank account (Bancorp or Stride Bank), you’ll have one of two routing numbers.

Today, I’m going to explain a little bit more about how Chime bank works, show you exactly how to find your Chime routing number and account information, and answer a few of the other commonly asked questions regarding the digital banking service!

What Is The Routing Number For Chime Bank? 

The routing number of your bank account is a number that is unique to each financial institution and is used to identify which bank funds are being deposited to. The easiest way to explain a routing number is by using one of the most common things you know about- phone numbers

Let’s say that you’re calling a large corporate company. That company has one single phone number. However, if you want to reach specific employees in their personal offices, you’ll also need to dial an extension, which will direct your call to the phone in that individual’s office. 

Bank routing and account numbers function similarly. Think of the routing number as the main phone number for the main building; it connects you to the company. Now, think of your account number as the extension to a specific office within the building. 

The routing number tells the system, “transfer funds into [x-bank].”

The account number tells the system, “transfer funds into [x-account] at the bank.”

How To Find The Routing Number For Chime

To find the routing number for Chime, you’ll first need to log into your account online or on your smartphone application. Select your spending or savings account. Then, open up the tab that says ‘Move Money.’ Next, select the option that says ‘Direct Deposit.’

This will allow you to view all of the information needed to complete a direct deposit into your account, including your routing number!

It should also tell you which partner bank Chime is using to manage your account.

Chime uses two partner banks:

The Bancorp Bank

Bancorp is a private-label bank that operates out of Delaware. They handle the back-end part of banking, while Chime handles the front-end user experience of banking.

If your Chime Bank account is operated by Bancorp Bank, then your Chime Bancorp routing number is 031101279. 

Stride Bank, N.A.

Stride Bank, N.A. is older than Bancorp and was founded in 1913 in the state of Oklahoma. Like Bancorp, they also provide private-label banking services and are Chime’s second banking partner.

If your Chime Bank account is operated by Stride Bank, your Chime Stride routing number is 103100195.


Chime is a mobile banking app that makes it easy to manage your money. They offer all the features you need for managing personal finances including bill pay, budgeting tools, and more.

One of their awesome features is a routing number so they can access ACH transactions without needing an account with banks or credit unions.

This lets them send payments in seconds from any device because they don’t have to wait around while someone at the bank processes the transaction manually.