10 Ways To Make Money With Zelle

On the surface, Zelle is very similar to Cash App or Venmo. It’s a peer-to-peer money transfer application that lets users quickly send and receive cash through their linked bank accounts and debit cards.

While most people typically use it to avoid paying annoying bank transfer fees, there are also some creative ways that you can integrate Zelle into your daily life and business to make extra money! 

So can you make money with Zelle? While you can’t exactly make money with Zelle, Zelle is a payment option you can use to make things easier on your customers. Zelle is perfect for those with side hustles or as an addition to their existing business.

Zelle is becoming increasingly popular since most major banking institutions have incorporated the money transfer service into their online banking apps.

However, many people still aren’t aware of just how many uses they can get out of the app.

Today, I’ve outlined ten unique money-making methods and how you can receive payment for them using Zelle’s lightning-fast transfer speeds. 

Let’s take a look!

10 Creative Ways To Make Money While Using Zelle

Zelle makes sending money and receiving money super-easy. Say goodbye to old-fashioned, slow, and outdated bank transfers! You can perform a service, start a pop-up shop, or sell products and collectible to customers without having to pay any transfer fees or go transaction percentages.

This allows you to keep all of your hard-earned money. 

Zelle is primarily used in congruence with banks, although some users use the app by itself. If your Zelle account is notlinked to your bank, then your sending and receiving limit is $500 per week. If it is linked to your bank, though, you can send/receive up to $1,000/day, $2,500/week, or $10,000/month. 

As I mentioned, the main advantage of using Zelle is that there are no transfer fees whatsoever. In this area, it has Cash App and Venmo beat! The only thing you won’t be able to do is to invest in Bitcoin as you would with Cash App.

Most POS systems charge anywhere from .5% to 2.75% on card transactions. By using Zelle, you’ll avoid these annoying fees and be able to put more money in your pocket, possibly saving hundreds every week. 

How Zelle Works | The Basics

Typically Zelle is linked directly to your bank account and your phone number. Sending money is easy! Just open up your Zelle app or your mobile banking app and navigate to the ‘transfer money’ tab. Here’s you’ll be able to send money from your own checking account balance.

If you want to receive payment for goods or services, then your customer only needs to enter your phone number in their Zelle app to send you payment. Simple as 1-2-3, right? 

Now, for the list that I promised! Below are 10 unique ways that you can incorporate Zelle into your everyday life to start making some money on the side. 

#1- Mow Your Neighbor’s Lawn

Remember how your dad used to always tell you about the times he dragged a lawnmower around the neighborhood and cut grass for $20/lawn. Well, that would have been a lot easier if his clients didn’t have to write a check or scrape their purses for loose cash. The next time you do your neighbor a favor, ask them to pay you using Zelle. It’s far simpler than traditional bank transfers. 

#2- Sell Your Art Using Zelle

Feeling particularly creative? Why not use your creative energy to make some art on the side, then? These days, just about anything can pass for art as long as you put some thought, soul, and meaning behind it. Post your art on social media, and if somebody wants to buy it, have them Zelle you the money, so you don’t have to send them any personal information (other than your phone number, that is). 

#3- Make Your Friends Pay You Gas Money Via Zelle

The next time your roommate asks you for a ride to the grocery store and says that they don’t have any extra cash to help out with gas, tell them to send it to you using Zelle. As I mentioned, there are no transfer fees, so they literally have noexcuse not to. 

#4- Take Advantage Of Chase’s Zelle Referral Program

Chase was one of the first major banks to incorporate Zelle into their mobile banking app. They also happen to have a referral program that can put money in your pocket! If you send $20 or more to three different family members or friends (who have a Zelle-participating bank), then you get $10 for free! 

#5- Offer Physical Training For Zelle Payment

Virtual physical training has become the new norm! If you’re into exercise and fitness, then you should advertise your virtual training services online. Instead of asking your clients to mail you a check or pay those pesky Venmo fees, just get them to send your money using Zelle! 

#6- Have A Virtual Yard Sale Using Zelle

Need to get rid of junk but don’t want a bunch of strangers in your house and front yard? Host a virtual yard sale. Go live on social media and start auctioning it all off to anybody willing to participate. Tell your viewers that you’ll accept easy payments through Zelle and that you can do a drop-off or mail the item to them. 

#7- Tutor A Student And Get Paid With Zelle

With virtual school in full swing, it’s safe to say that a lot of students could use a tutor. If you happen to be smart in a certain subject, then consider offering tutoring service. It could be virtual or in-person. They can pay you through Zelle, which is a lot safer and more sanitary than using a bunch of dirty, wadded-up cash bills. 

#8- Host A Party Or Event

Perhaps you’re a party-monster. Although you should still follow social distancing restrictions, there’s nothing wrong with a good outdoor party or event. Instead of having to handle everybody’s cash money, just have your visitors send their entrance fee using Zelle! 

#9- Have A Pop-Up Shop With Zelle

If you make arts and crafts, sell jewelry, clothing, or collectibles, then consider hosting a pop-up shop at a local cafe or family-owned business (with their approval). To make receiving money fast and easy, just have your customers pay you with Zelle. This also makes haggling and negotiating easier for both parties. 

#10- Perform Quick Repairs For Zelle Cash

Are you an experienced mechanic or carpenter? You can put your skills to use to make extra money by listing your services on an app like Thumbtack or Facebook Marketplace. Tell your clients that you accept Zelle payments. This tends to make you look more trustworthy and they won’t feel so uncomfortable about handling money around a stranger.