10 Ways To Make Money With Wattpad

Launched in 2006, Wattpad is one of the oldest public storytelling platforms on the internet. The site began growing massively in 2011 after it hit a million global users. Ten years later, and Wattpad has become one of the most-visited sites on the internet! Although you may have read a number of articles on the platform, many people don’t know that you can also monetize your stories and articles as well. 

There are several different ways to make money from writing on Wattpadd. The most popular is the “buy me a coffee” feature which allows writers to accept donations from readers. Wattpad also recently announced its Futures program which rewards reputable writers based on how many times their stories are read. Writers can also take advantage of Wattpad coins and charge readers money, connect with film studios, and take advantage of affiliate deals

If you’re already a writer, then Wattpad gives you an excellent platform to start monetizing your work and making some money from doing what you already love. Whether you enjoy writing short stories, screenplays, poetry, or you fancy yourself an investigative journalist, I’m about to show you all of the different ways that you can make money on Wattpad! 

10 Ways To Make Money Writing Articles/Stories On Wattpad

In order to start making money with Wattpad, you’ll first need to create a writer account. Head on over to Wattpad.com and click on the ‘Start Writing’ option on the homepage. Fill out some basic information, and you’ll be able to start writing and posting your content. 

Wattpad isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme or platform, but if you can consistently write relevant, well-written, easy-to-read articles and stories, then it’s a great way to earn some side money. The more attention your articles get, the more money you’ll receive! For this reason, many writers also promote their Wattpad article through their own social media pages in order to get more traffic. 

As a side note, Wattpad is an excellent resource [if you’re working in America on an H1B work Visa]. Since you’re writing is technically considered a “hobby,” you’ll be able to produce content all day long and “accept donations” as payment. 

Before I get into the 10 methods you can use to make money on Wattpad, you should be aware of the following terms as I’ll be mentioning them throughout this guide. These are the primary ways that your content will be rewarded as you post it on the platform. 

Wattpad Futures

You’ve probably heard about the YouTube Creators program. This program provides an extra stream of revenue to famous influencers and creators who are involved. In addition to making money from Google Ads in their videos, YouTube also cuts them a check based on how many views they get. 

The Wattpad Futures program works the same way. Although it may take you some time to get approved, it’s certainly achievable if you work hard and create consistent content for a couple of years. Basically, Wattpad will pay a small amount every time somebody reads your article! 

“Buy Me A Coffee”

This feature has been included on Wattpad since the platform’s early days. At the top of each article, readers will have the option to donate a small amount to the person who wrote the story. Thankfully, the Wattpad community tends to be very supportive of each other. So as long as your readers like what you’re putting out, you can create a steady stream of random donations!

Wattpad Coins

Wattpad Coins is another recent innovation. Should you choose to do so, you’ll be able to make your stories pay-to-read. In order to read your stories, readers will have to purchase Wattpad Coins from the site and then they’ll use these tokens to pay to read your stories. 

The author can then convert these tokens into cash. It’s similar to “buy me a coffee,” but it’s required to read your content instead of an optional donation. It’s also a lot easier than waiting for readers to send you money through [Zelle].

Wattpad Studios

This is another new program that Wattpad started! If you write stories or screenplays, then you can submit them to Wattpad studios. If they like your idea enough, they will do their best to connect you with larger film studios such as Hulu, SYFY, or Sony Studios. You’ll get your screenplay published and share some of your profits with Wattpad for making the connection. 

Now that you know how you can monetize your content, let’s take a look at 10 unique ways to start making money! 

#1- Become An Amazon Affiliate And Write

An affiliate marketer is somebody who markets and drives customers to a brand, product, or page. In order to accomplish this, they typically use content such as videos, testimonials, and articles. Their content is somehow relevant to the product or service that’s being marketed, so it creates a base of trust for the customer to believe in whatever it is that’s being sold. 

Say, for instance, that you and I are both avid campers. I maintain a camping blog that I regularly update and that you enjoy reading from time to time. Now, say I write an article and mention my favorite tent or fire-starting device with an “affiliate link” to where I purchased the product on Amazon. If you purchase the tent through my link, I get a small commission. 

That’s how affiliate marketing works. The Amazon affiliate program is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world, so I typically suggest it for beginners. However, you could be an affiliate of almost any product sold on any site. 

If you want to make money as an affiliate marketer on Wattpad, simply choose a couple of lucrative, easy-to-write-about niches. Every week, you’ll write articles within that niche and intersperse some tastefully-placed affiliate links inside of them. Anytime a product is purchased through your link, you profit! 

#2- Write Keyword-Targeted Articles To Get More Views

This goes hand-in-hand with affiliate method listed above, but can also be used to help you get more views and accomplish a number of the methods listed below. Think of “keywords” as the ultimate “hack” to getting your content seen by more readers. 

Keywords are “key” search terms that are typically searched within a given niche. For example, if you write about marine biology, some of your primary keywords could be:

  • Save the reef
  • Types of fish
  • Best snorkeling equipment
  • Etc.

You can use a paid keyword tool like Moz or you can use Google Adwords’ free keyword planner. Find the most commonly searched keywords in the niche you’re writing about and make sure to use them throughout your article. This will make your content easier to find by readers who are interested in the subject you’re writing about.

#3- Write Erotic Fiction (It Gets The Most Views)

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Wattpad Futures program or you want a reason to start charging more Watt Coins for readers to consume your content, then writing erotic fiction pieces may help you get the extra traffic that you need. This is becuse erotica is the top-viewed genre on Wattpad. 

I’m not saying that everything you write has to be erotica (or could it…?), but writing a few erotic short stories or poems here and there can really help your profile get the extra traffic that it needs. Many of the readers will take a look at your profile and proceed to read other articles and stories that you’ve written.

#4- Become An Influencer In The Wattpadd Futures Program

I’ve mentioned the Wattpad Futures program a couple of times so far. But how exactly do you get into the program?

Like the YouTube creators program, it’s not easy. You basically have to work your way up to “celebrity status” on the Wattpad platform. That being said, Wattpad has a considerably smaller user base, so there’s nowhere near as much competition as there is on YouTube. 

If you want to make it into the Futures program and start making money every time your article is read, then you need to step your writing game up. The first thing you need to do is gain a following. Pick a niche (or several) and start writing something small every day. By writing small stories, you’ll be able to quickly build a following on the basis of consistency. 

Once you have a solid following, start taking some extra time to write longer stories or even mini-books. This will help you gain more respect and recognition within the community and get you one step closer to the Futures program. 

#5- Write Sponsored Content For Small Brands

This is somewhat similar to the Amazon affiliate method I spoke about above. However, instead of affiliate marketing a physical Amazon product, you’ll be working a smaller brand and driving traffic to their business instead. The best way to form an affiliate partnership like this is just to reach out to small brands on their social media. 

Tell them that you’re a writer who specializes in creating content within the same niche that the company is in. Ask if they’d be willing to provide compensation for customers and inbound links that you sell them. 

For example, you could be writing a short non-fiction book about the fashion industry, and reference certain tools, outfits, etc. within. One of these outfits could be purchased on your affiliate’s website. 

#6- Write A Screenplay And Sell It With Wattpad Studios

If you’re a film fanatic (or you’ve always fancied the idea of being the next Matt Damon), then you should try writing a screenplay for Wattpad studios! Not only is it a great creative outlet, but you can submit your screenplay or story to Wattpad Studios for review. Providing that they like your idea, they can help you link-up with the producers and studios you need to make your dream come true. 

If you’re new to screenwriting, then I suggest you start by writing a small short-story style film. Thanks to apps like Quibi and the ever decreasing attention span of most people, short films have become a lot more popular in the past couple of years

#7- Write A Novel And Sell It

Although articles and short guides are fairly popular on Wattpad, I would argue that full-length novels are the predominant form of content. Many aspiring writers use this platform to share novels and stories that they don’t have the money to physically publish. 

If you’re new to the platform, I would suggest writing one or two short novels for free first. This will help you gain some valuable feedback and you’ll be able to build a fan base. Once you’ve got your fans hooked on your writing, you can charge a few dollars (or more) for fans who want to read your new books! 

#8- Use Wattpad As A Platform To Get Known

In today’s economy, your popularity and your connections are probably the most important things to focus on. The more people who know your name, the more money you’ll make- wherever you go. 

For example, if you become a popular writer on Wattpad, you could use this as leverage to get a high-paying job as a content director or as a writer for a reputable magazine. By producing free content and showing your best quality work, you’ll be exposing yourself and your talent to litreally millions of people. 

#9- Drive Traffic To Your Pages With Wattpad

So, we’ve talked about how you can use Wattpad as a platform for affilaite marketing and driving traffic to other brands. However, what if you already have your own brand

If you have a high-quality blog on life-hacks and making money on the internet, then write a short guide or non-fiction book on Wattpad. Throughout the novel, reference links to your blog and tell the readers that there’s more information and content there! Before you know it, you might end up seeing a massive increase in traffic to your blog. 

#10- Write Relevant News/Opinion Stories

One of the best ways to get recognized on Wattpad and gain the popularity that you need to start charging money for your posts and stories, is to to write relevant content. For example, if you visited Wattpad anytime in February, then you probably noticed that they’re promoting Black History Month. 

Writers and journalist who create stories, opinionated articles, and novels within this highly-relevant niche will get extra views and readers. The best way to keep up-to-date is to always check the Wattpad homepage to see what  niches or genres they’re promoting.