10 Ways To Make Money With The Kalo App

Since Kalo is a relatively new platform, now is the perfect time to get involved and build your account up before the masses flock over and saturate the market. Kalo describes itself as “ a social shopping application,” but if you know how to play your cards right, then you can also make some money from the app as well! 

So how can you make money with the Kalo app? You can make money with Kalo by getting cash-back rewards on your purchases and affiliate commissions to post outfits and styles from any of their partner brands. With over 20,000 partners in the fashion industry, there are virtually limitless markets to tap into and profit from.

You’re about to get a crash course in how to put some extra change in your pocket (and maybe even get some serious payouts) by using Kalo. Since its user base is still relatively low, you can join today and become “Kalo-famous” so that you can profit even more as the platform continues to grow and expand. 

Let me explain. 

10 Ways To Make Side Money With Kalo

Kalo has partnered with a growing network of over 20,000 different apparel brands and retailers that sell everything from fashion accessories and jewelry to shoes, jackets, and more. Kalo is really just a giant network of affiliate marketers and works by splitting the affiliate commissions with users who participate on the platform. 

The concept is simple- whenever you shop, you earn rewards that you can spend the next time you shop. You can also post your outfits and shoes and become a brand affiliate, earning a commission every time that somebody purchases an article of clothing through your unique link. 

Now that you know some of the basics of how Kalo works, it’s time to get the gravy train rolling!

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#1- Get Cash-Back On All Of Your Kalo Purchases

If you don’t do anything else with your Kalo membership, then you should at least consider making more of your clothing purchases through the app. Unlike the standard retail stores that will charge you full-price for that new swimsuit, you’ll be able to earn cashback rewards on all of your Kalo purchases. 

You’ll usually get a few percent back on each purchase, but you may be able to get as much as 10% back on qualifying purchases. Your rewards are given in the form of ‘Kalo points’ that you can apply the next time you shop. Most people let their rewards stack up a bit so that they can get free or low-cost clothing. 

#2- Earn Points And Rewards For Wearing Outfits

When you purchase clothing, you can wear your new outfit and post it on your profile just as you would with Instagram or Facebook. Except with Kalo, you’ll be getting a lot more than empty likes and comments on your post; you’ll have the chance to earn cash money

When you make a post with your outfit and provide your affiliate link, your followers will be able to click the link to view and order the same clothing. If they follow through and make the purchase, you’ll earn a commission to make the referral! 

#3- Market Your Own Fashion Brand 

If you recently launched your own fashion brand, you can directly contact Kalo and become a partner. Sure, you’ll have to throw users and the platform itself a small commission, but you’ll be able to massively expand the reach of your brand and exponentially increase your sales. 

#4- Resell Clothing Purchased On Kalo

When you buy clothing and shoes on Kalo, you’ll often get a far better deal than you would at a typical online boutique or retail store. In some instances, you’ll pay as much as 25% less. If you decide not to keep the clothing, then you can resell it online for full-price and make a bit of profit on it. 

#5- Become A Brand Influencer 

Once you build up your Kalo following and start making some waves in the community, then big brands might contact you directly and offer you a marketing deal. This typically goes far beyond just making Kalo posts. They may offer you deals to post on your other social media sites or write about them on your blog as long as you’re getting a good amount of traffic. 

#6- Create A Network Of Other Fashion Enthusiasts

One of the most valuable things you can do on any social media platform is networking. Since Kalo is a fashion-centric app, you’ll be able to build a network of fashion enthusiasts who you can communicate with and monetize in the future. If you start your own clothing brand one day, they’ll be some of your first customers. 

#7- Flip Your Rewards For A Profit

Remember how I said that you could eventually earn enough rewards to get free clothing? Well, once you stack your rewards up and start getting free stuff, you can resell it all and make your money back on it. One of Kalo’s best features is that it makes shopping easy, cheap, and profitable. 

#8- Get Paid To Model

Once your Kalo account starts to gain some popularity, there’s a high likelihood of other fashion brands reaching out to you and offering you paid modeling opportunities. The modeling opportunities could be through the Kalo app itself or on other social media platforms. In some cases, they’ll use your photos in their online catalog! 

#9- Refer Your Friends And Get Paid

Kalo is currently offering a $5 referral bonus (like Cash App) for referring friends or family. Once your friends sign up through your referral link, you’ll get a $5 credit on your account that you can use towards your next purchase. You’ll be able to access this referral link through your personal account settings.  

#10- Use Kalo To Build An Advertising Portfolio 

One of the best ways to get into a good advertising position (or start your own business) is to build a portfolio that shows your talent as a marketer. Suppose you can build up a strong following of fashion-forward individuals and showcase your ability to monetize them and drive sales. In that case, your account can be a valuable testament to your marketing genius. 

Just look at how many Instagram “influencers” have received high-paid positions in Fortune 500 companies just based on how many followers they have