How To Zelle Capital One

Capital One is one of the more recent American banks to surface, first being founded in 1994. It’s amazing how quickly they’ve caught up with the rest of the major players. In this article, I’ll cover what you need to know about how to Zelle Capital One.

So how to Zelle with Capital One? To Zelle money with Capital One, you just need to sign into the bank’s mobile app, select the account that you’d like to use for the funds, and then tap the “Send Money With Zelle” option. You can also do this directly through the Capital One site.

This blog will explain how to get Zelle to send money, and then discuss some of the reasons why you might choose it over its competitor. Mobile payment services like Zelle and Venmo make money transfers as close to instant as possible.

How to Zelle Capital One

If you asked someone only a decade ago how to Zelle Capital one you’d be looked at as though you were a foreigner from some distant galaxy. That’s how fast the world of money changes. Today, it’s just standard practice for money to move over the computer, not in large suitcases handcuffed to wrists. 

You can send money with Zelle using the app or a desktop computer. For Capital One customers, the app comes more highly recommended, though it can be an option for others as well. 

From The App

As previously mentioned, you don’t need to be a customer with Capital One to use the service. They don’t make it exclusive, which is a benefit to both the bank and Zelle customers. Being a Capital One customer, however, is definitely to your advantage because you can simply perform services through your banking portal. 

If you have a Capital One bank account, text “MOBILE” to 80101. This sends you a link to download the app onto your iPhone, Android or Tablet. 

  1. Sign in to your portal. 
  2. Find which checking account you would like to select. 
  3. Choose the “Send Money with Zelle” option. 

From there, the app guides you very capably through entering the specifics, such as how much you want to send and to whom. 

Performing banking transactions from a browser is quite similar, just be sure to look for the Zelle logo or tab on the page. 

From A Desktop

  1. Go to the Capital One website. 
  2. Sign in using your bank information.
  3. Once again, choose the account you want to use. 
  4. Click “Send Money With Zelle”
  5. At this point, you’ll be directed to enter the details about the recipient of the money. 

Naturally, you’ll want to ensure all your numbers are correct before pressing send, but you can always check transaction history to see if you made an error. 

You may need to connect your mobile phone by giving your number so you can receive confirmation messages correctly. 

Is Zelle Free?

Zelle is a free service. As previously mentioned, Zelle is partly owned by Capital One. It’s kind of like their Paypal or Venmo.

One of the reasons banks were happy to jump on the bandwagon of digital payment services – they eliminate the need for routing numbers and service fees that customers always hate.

The only concern some people have is that, for certain services, digital payment apps sometimes ask for your social security number, which some people can find invasive. 

What Is My Limit? 

Obviously, Zelle was never intended for buying large ticket items such as a car or a second house. It’s more for things such as pizza and uber.

However, limits apply only to how much can be sent, not how much you can accrue. 

This is Capital One, though, so expect those limits to be higher than usual. The daily limit for the money you can send is $2000.  Your weekly limit is $10,000. There are only the current rules, and they may change over time. We’re only a few years into digital payment services and the laws and rules may be very different in just a short time.

There are no limits, however, on how you use Zelle to send money, be it Apple Pay, Paypal or another service. 

How Fast is Zelle?

Zelle is one of the quickest digital payment services on the internet, but only for certain customers.  We mentioned earlier that Zelle can be used to send money to non-Zelle customers, but that might make the process take a little longer. 

You can also, like with Venmo, send money to yourself if necessary.

If the recipient is also a Zelle customer, though, the transfer should be complete within minutes. This is why so many Capital One users are particularly happy with the service, as it also doesn’t charge any additional fees to send money.  One of the biggest complaints, before the digital age, was ATM fees. With Zelle and other digital services, ATM fees aren’t much of an issue.