How To Activate Chase Debit Card

Choosing Chase bank grants you access to a variety of services, most of which you can take advantage of using a debit or credit card.  Like any other card, Chase Debit card needs activation before use and they are not very elaborate on how to do it on their letters. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to smoothen the process out. 

How to Activate Chase Debit Card? You can activate your Chase debit card in 4 ways:

  • By calling the Chase Dedicated activation phone number: 1-800-821-2333
  • Through their official Chase online verification page.
  • Using the Chase mobile app
  • Using a new Chase Debit card at an ATM
Chase Debit Card

With Chase being one of the largest banks around their debit card is a widely used tool among their account owners. The card serves several uses including; ATM withdrawals and paying bills just like a normal credit card. One of the most recognized Chase debit cards is the Disney debit card which they rolled out in 2012 and grants some perks at Disney facilities. 

Different Ways Of Activating Your Chase Debit Card

Getting your first bank card is a special moment, almost like an achievement whether it is a debit or credit card. It gives you more control over your everyday finances which is exciting. However, to use most cards including the Chase debit card, you need to activate it. 

There are four methods you can use to activate your chase debit card:

Calling the Chase Dedicated Activation Phone Number 

Chase Bank has a dedicated customer care number for any inquiries that a client may have. Activating your debit card qualifies as a priority. All you need to do is call them and follow their instructions and they will handle it from their end. 

We would recommend using the number that is in the letter Chase bank sends. The number will be on the sticker attached to your card. If that doesn’t work, the official chase customer care number is 1-800-935-9935 according to the official Chase website. You can also try 1-800-290-3935 which proved to be working at the time of writing. 

When trying to activate through calling, use the phone number you provided Chase during your debit card application. It helps in preventing identity theft. You will also need to provide the following information when requested;

  • Date of birth
  • Debit card number 
  • Last digits of your social security.

They might also ask some personal questions to confirm your identity. When you use the number on the sticker to call you can activate your debit card without using your pin.

The calling method of activation is easier for people who don’t want to travel and don’t want to use the internet. It is also reliable for people who are not tech-savvy and like a direct approach. 

Activating the Card Online

Online activation is one of the most common ways of activating your debit card since it does not involve contacting them or traveling anywhere. All a person needs is to visit their official website page. When Chase bank sends clients their letters, they include a link to their official website. We recommend only using that address to be safe. 

After getting to their site, follow the following steps. 

  • Navigate to their “verification page” on the website
  • Create an account if you are a first-time user or just log in to your existing account. 
  • To create an account you will need to key in your social security number, debit card number, email, and billing address. 
  • Select “My accounts” after providing your details 
  • Choose the Chase debit card you want to activate
  • Follow their prompts for verifying the card
  • Click on Activation to complete the process. 

From there you can use your card to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs

Activation using their Mobile App

To activate your debit card using their mobile app, download it from the android or IOS app stores. 

Form there; 

  • Sign up for an account or log in using your username and password
  • Click on “My Account” or select the account linked to the new debit card
  • Follow the prompts provided to activate. 

You should be able to use the card in a few minutes, immediately after the activation is complete. Having the Chase app makes it a lot easier to manage your banking from anywhere. 

Using the Card at an ATM

Activating your card at the ATM is the option most people choose since it’s simple and you can use it immediately after. Once you insert your card into an ATM, it will request the PIN. When you key in the correct pin the card will automatically be activated. 

If you choose this method, then be sure to have your pin memorized or carry it with you. Entering a wrong PIN can lock you out of your card and even your account. 

Some Benefits of Chase Debit Cards 

Aside from using it to make payments like a credit card, a Chase debit cardholder enjoys other benefits like; 

  • Being able to check their accounts online and through the mobile app. 
  • Receiving email alerts on activity in their account. 
  • They are protected from unauthorized charges and can receive refunds if the charges prove to be unauthorized 
  • A free rewards program that earns you a point for every dollar spent using the card. 

Their free rewards program involves various rewards from top merchants in the country. They can be in the form of gift cards and cash value rewards. Clients can start redeeming their rewards from as low as 2000 points. 

Sometimes, you can find a routing number on the debit card.

Final Thoughts 

Chase has one of the top debit cards around if you scout around other reputable banks. Their free rewards program puts them ahead of most. Even though it might not yield rewards as fast as a credit card, you can benefit from it in the long term without the risk of debt that credit cards bring. 

Their partnership with Disney means clients can just choose a Disney debit card instead to enjoy the lowered rates and other perks at Disney World and Disney stores. Aside from the above, if there are any other methods of activating your Chase Debit Card you can let us know.