Does Chime Work With Cash App? Your Guide To Using The Two Together

Chime is one of the many new “digital banks” that has become very popular in the past few years. Many of Chime’s users also have Cash App accounts that allow them to quickly and easily send money to friends and family. They may also have Cash App’s “Cash Card,” which is a type of pre-paid debit card that allows users to spend their Cash App balance using a Visa debit card. 

Does Chime work with Cash App? Chime works with Cash App. Cash App users typically link their personal bank to their account. So, if you have a Chime digital bank account or debit card, you can link it to your Cash App and use your Chime account to transfer funds or send/receive money from your friends and family.

Does Chime Work With Cash App?

In today’s article, I’m going to explain exactly how to link your Chime digital bank account to your Cash App account.

I’ll also show you how to connect your Chime debit card to your Cash App as well. Finally, I’ll show you how to quickly transfer funds from one account to the other!

Let’s take a look.

Does Chime Work With Cash App? Explained!

In 2013, Chime launched its digital banking service in San Francisco, California. Although most major banks offered online banking at the time, Chime was one of the first companies to offer a fully-digital banking service. They have no brick-and-mortar banks, service centers, or Chime-owned ATM machines. But you can still add money to your Chime account using other methods.

Like Chime, Cash App is a fully digital service. Unlike Chime, it’s not a full-scale bank. While you can store a balance in your account, Cash App is primarily used for sending and receiving money with other Cash App users. It basically provides a quick and easy alternative to traditional bank wires (which can often take days to process). 

Although you can use Cash App without a bank account, you’ll need to have it linked to a bank account to get the most out of the app. Linking your personal checking account with your Cash App will allow you to make direct payments to people from your bank balance or instantly transfer funds from your Cash App balance to your bank account without having to wait. 

The reason why so many people seem to get confused when it comes to linking their Chime account with Cash App is usually that they’re not used to the idea of a digital bank. Even though it’s digital, Chime works just like a regular old-fashioned bank. You’ll still get an account number, routing number, and even a personalized debit card! You can even deposit checks into your Chime account.

Linking your Chime account to Cash App is no different from linking any other bank to Cash App. All you need to do is input your Chime Account information into Cash App, and voila– you’re good to go.

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Now, I’m going to show you how to link your two accounts to ensure seamless functionality. 

How To Link Your Chime Bank To Cash App

Linking your Chime account to Cash App is quite literally as easy as 1-2-3. If you’ve never done it before with a previous account, here’s a step-by-step breakdown. 

  • Open the Cash App application on your smartphone.
  • Locate the ‘Banking’ tab in the bottom-left corner. It should have a house/bank icon, or it will display your balance in dollar amount. Press it. 
  • Then, look at the bottom of the page where it says ‘Linked Accounts.’ Press it. 
  • Press where it says ‘+ Link Bank Account.’
  • From here,  Plaid (a third-party verification service) will guide you through the process of linking your Chime bank account to Cash App. You’ll be required to enter your online banking login information from Chime, and you’ll have to respond to a two-factor authentication prompt on your phone to verify your identity. 
  • Plaid may take 2 to 3 minutes to complete verification. Once it does, you’re good to go, and Chime will work perfectly with Cash App! 

How To Link Your Chime Debit Card To Cash App

Like any normal bank that you’re used to, Chime will also issue you a debit card. If you’ve already linked your Chime bank account to your Cash App, then there’s no need to link your debit card as well.

However, some Cash App users prefer to only link their debit card for security reasons instead of giving Cash App all of their banking information. While Cash App is 100% secure, there’s always the chance that another person could get ahold of your device and see your important information. 

In order to link your Chime debit card to your Cash App account, follow all of the instructions listed above for linking your bank account. However, when you get to ‘Linked Accounts,’ select ‘+ Add Debit Card’ instead of adding a bank. You’ll be prompted to enter your card information and billing address. 

Once the two are linked, you’ll be able to add funds to your Cash App balance using your debit card or transfer funds from your Cash App balance to your Chime bank account using your debit card as an intermediary. Should anybody ever steal your phone and get access to your Cash App account, just call Chime and ask them to lock your debit card to prevent any fraudulent spending! 

How To Transfer Funds From Cash App To Your Chime Bank

So, let’s just say that somebody just reimbursed you $50 for a meal by sending you some money on Cash App. In order to send that money to your Chime bank account, do the following:

  • Select the ‘Banking’ tab in the Cash App application. 
  • You should see your balance, and under that, a button that says ‘Cash Out.’
  • Press ‘Cash Out’, and you’ll be able to send part of it or all of it to your bank. Free transfers take a couple of days to process, or you can instantly transfer the money for a small 1.5% fee. 

Should you ever wish to add funds from your bank account into your Cash App, follow the same instructions, but select ‘Add Cash’ instead of ‘Cash Out.’

You’ll be able to add as much as you want to your Cash App balance, depending on your daily Chime balance transfer limit.