Does Chime Bank Use Zelle?

Chime and Zelle are major names when it comes to Online banking and money transfer respectively. As a person who can benefit from using them both, you might wonder whether you can set them to work together. It’s a good news-bad news scenario and we’ve covered it all in detail. 

Does Chime Bank use Zelle? Chime does not natively support Zelle but it is possible to set up transactions between the two in a few steps. The challenge is that the transfers are not as quick as they would be if Chime and Zelle could be integrated like other banks.

Zelle App

Chime and Zelle can work very well together and it is a surprise that the two platforms are not integrated to work together. However, there’s always a chance they will do it in the future.

Combining the speed and convenience of Zelle and the safety and management features of Chime would be a great fit for people who use both. 

Can Chime Use Zelle? How Can It Be Done?

Zelle works with a lot of banks but Chime is not among them. So, as mentioned, it’s currently not possible to process fast payments from Zelle to Chime. Zelle works with specific banks and they have even provided an alphabetical list of them on their official site. That does not mean that users cannot use the two together. There are ways to Set up Zelle to work with Chime and here are the steps. 

  • Download and install Zelle on your device. 
  • Create your free account on the app and sign in
  • Once you’re done, you should see the option “Find your bank”; tap on it
  • Start typing “Chime” and since it, won’t be in the results wait for another option that should appear asking you; Don’t see your bank? and hit it. 
  • On the next step, enter your Chime debit card info in the required fields and

After completing this process, you should be able to use Chime with Zelle. It might have some limitations and so users will have to bear with the situation. 

Speed of Transactions Between Chime and Zelle

Remember the limitations we mentioned, well here are the main ones. First, since Zelle and Chime are not made to natively work with each other, you can only send payments through the Chime debit card. You can’t use the Chime routing number to send money.

Then, the result of the above is that any payment you make will not be as quick compared to how fast Zelle payments normally are. Instead of being instant, your payments will be processed within a few business days. It’s more like using a check to deposit money into Chime

What Are the Fees for Using Zelle and Chime? 

There are no fees to be incurred when using the two together which is like with other platforms. So it is a little consolation to make up for the speed. 

Can Someone Else Send Money to Your Chime from Zelle? 

Yes. Anyone can send you money from Zelle to your Chime the difference will only be in the speed of the transfer. They will only have to go through some extra steps to add Chime as the destination unlike with the natively supported banks. 

Is it Worth it to Send Payments from Zelle to Chime? 

Both platforms have a lot to offer and it might be common to find users having both apps even though they are not integrated to work together. So, the main question is, should users send money from Zelle to Chime?

Here’s what you need to know. 

Various users have done this before and sometimes they are met with limitations from Chime. It does not happen to every user who’s tried but you also can’t predict whether it will be the same for you. 

Before deciding whether to blame Chime, understand why this happens. So, when you use Zelle to send funds to Chime, the latter cannot verify where the transaction is coming from because it is not from one of their partnered banks. So, the transaction might trigger their security measures and it will be treated like any other suspicious transaction. 

Thus Chime will impose some limitations and in some cases lock out the user completely after a Zelle payment is received.

So, you should ask yourself is it worth the risk?

From a neutral perspective, it would just be better to hold off until Chime partners with Zelle and maybe even apply pressure for them to do it through their customer support. There is no way to predict how Chime bank will react to funds from an unknown source. You may want to consider using Chime with Cash App in the meantime.

Furthermore, if it is an issue that affects a significant number of users or If enough people are requested, then maybe the two would consider partnering. But there might be more to that

What Benefits does Chime and Zelle Hold Separately? 

Separately, these two platforms have various perks that appeal to their user base and we have taken it upon ourselves to identify some of them. 


As one of the top P2P transaction App, you would expect Zelle to have some enticing features that keep them in the competition. The major ones are; 

  • Their Simple setup makes it easy for new users to adapt quickly 
  • No transaction fees
  • Money sent from Zelle goes directly to a person’s bank account 
  • Works inside most existing bank apps (Chime excluded of course)
  • Recipients don’t need to have an app to receive money
  • High limits for payments making it an attractive option for people who regularly make heavy transactions. 

Zelle is a great highlight to going cashless and is forging a great relationship with Millenials by making everyday purchases easier and faster than relying on ATMs. 


Being a Fee-free online bank, Chime has attracted millions of users. The financial services platform offers a good array of features that encourage users to stay and more to start banking with them. The main ones are; 

  • No fees like traditional banks
  • Easy to add money
  • Higher interest rates on savings 
  • A massive ATM network 
  • Easier to qualify for than regular banks 
  • Early access to Direct deposits 
  • Offers Zero liability Visa debit cards that protect users from unauthorized purchases. 

Final Thoughts 

We have established that it’s possible to set up your Chime to work with Zelle, but it will not be as convenient as using a partnered bank. It also invites the risk of your transactions being flagged as suspicious.

Zelle is a great option for sending money to friends and family but until the two recognize each other as partners, there’s too much risk and less reward in trying to use them together.