A list of the best places where you can generate passive income on the internet

Everyone is in search of Passive Income and by investing in it, they hope to get rich quick.

Passive Income is a term that describes the idea that there are many ways to earn money without exerting much effort or spending time on it. It is quite common these days because more people have access to various easy ways to expand their income stream.

Passive Income can be defined as an income source where you do not actually work but rather work for someone else and get paid for doing so. People can get passive income from different sources such as royalties, stocks and assets ownership, real estate rental, etc..

Passive Income is the new thing. Everything is about getting something for free, if you want to make it big in the business world, look into Passive Income. The world is changing and with it, the possibilities of passive income. There are many different ways to earn money and there is so much confusion on which one is best. We’ve listed 5 top website which can be of help when it comes to passive income:


Public.com‘s algorithms enable the service to manage the investment portfolio, making it extremely user-friendly.

With the a public.com account, you can invest in various stocks and manage your finances using their software. The first thing you need to do is register yourself on public.com and create a free portfolio. You can then view your investment portfolio and manage it from within the website. This makes investing easy for everyone.

Without a doubt, Public.com is one of the best investment opportunities for 2019. As an active investor, you can choose from a variety of stocks. The platforms are well-managed by skilled professionals and diverse in nature. They are also able to provide an excellent return on your investment through the use of advanced trading strategies such as Fundamental Analysis, Active Trader and Market Vectors. Public.com classifies companies which share common characteristics. Here is what else they offer:

  1. Public.com is an innovative platform that connects investors across the globe to investors they want to connect with. Investors can then find others who are interested in a particular solution and reach out with relevant information & feedback.
  2. With Public.com, you earn fractional shares of companies that carry higher stock prices. You can then sell those shares at a profit and use that money back into the portfolio to make your investments grow over time.
  3. Public.com requires no investing minimum or account minimums to begin. Signing up to public.com can net you free stocks and make trying it out worth your while!


Passive income apps are a boon for anyone who wants to earn money online. They can help you make money online without having to do any hard work.

The Fundrise investment app is a good way to earn money as an investor. One of the best ways to earn money from real estate is through Fundrise. The Fundrise app is a great way to earn serious income by following the market movements of real estate. Below are some facts of this apps, that requires your attention:

1.     Fundrise app is not a cashback, gaming app, or any other app. Instead, this is the first real estate investment platform which allows you to invest in your dream property. Investors can invest in the real estate sector in a way that ensures they get their money back as quickly as possible.

2.     This equips investors with better options for investing than traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds because the Fundrise platform gives them a range of investment products that can help them achieve their savings goals.

3.     The Fundrise service provides real estate investment options to you. You can select from one of a variety of real estate investment options and invest in such an option at a time and a place that suits your preferences. They will help you to select and buy good quality properties, grow your wealth and build a solid foundation for your future.

Financial independence has become very sought-after. Fundrise passive income app helps you take small steps towards financial freedom without exposing you to great share of risk. Here are some advantages you are offered with:

·       The Fundrise app allows you to invest in real estate projects without owning the entire property, which certainly exposes you to risk. Risk is a major issue in real estate and we want to refer people to your website where they can learn more about how this is solved by using the fundrise app advanced platform.

·       Fundrise help you invest in several different real estate projects at the same time., which help you diversify your portfolio and protect your investment.

·       You get notified for all happening inside of Fundrise’s platform. Once the work has finished, Fundrise gives you an accurate progress estimate for every project you invested. This feature makes investing more fun and efficient.

·       Fundrise phone will keep investors updated with the latest news on various investment opportunities and various investment strategies to which they can have access to from anywhere just by mobile device.

·       If you dont’t want funds and want to leave them, , you can always reinvest via a plan called “dividend reinvestment program.”

MainVest – Invest in Small Businesses

MainVest is a small business crowdfunding service. The unique tool in MainVest is that it has the ability to plan our out-of-sample strategies using macro-level numbers and scenarios. This means we can make informed investment decisions while still creating an active portfolio of investments with minimal overhead costs.

The act of investing is a very risky one. In this world, we must be aware of all the risks that we can face while investing in new opportunities. Following are the sservicesofferd by Mainvest:

1.     MainVest is an online investment platform that helps you build a passive income portfolio. It provides small business opportunities for you to invest and track. Mainvest only accepts 5% of venture chosing to sign up for the platform for raising funds and growing their businesses.

2.     Great returns and high-net-worth return (10%-25%) can be made from these ventures through revenue-sharing notes. Revenue-sharing notes act as financial agreements that share revenue until a certain return, with investors

3.     Mainvest is committed to re-invigorating investing with a strategy that contributes to the long-term development of the markets and capital returns to investors. It also holds responsibility of protecting investors from an unprofitable venture.

4.     With Mainvest, your investment decisions become even smarter. You can focus on the most profitable areas of your portfolio and let Mainvest handle the rest. It’s a great way to reduce risk without sacrificing returns.

5.     With Mainvest, you can assess the risks, rewards and expected returns on your investment plans more easily than ever before. Using our platform you can benchmark against a variety of publicly traded companies and come up with an accurate and up to date view on the industry profitability metrics.

6.     There are more than 300+ investment opportunities launched on this platfrom since being founded!


Acorn is one of the most trusted online micro investing sites which aims to help you invest your money. It has a unique approach to investing with a focus on creating excellence Acorn is an easy to understand and simple to follow website which aims at helping investors. Initially it was designed to only offer “round-ups,” or money received by spending from linked debit card, but it has quickly taken over other services as well.

With “found money,” feature of the website, you can receive additional deposits in your account when you shop from Acorns partnered companies. Here are some others featurethat this website offers:

1.     The service charges a fee of $1/mo fee, but it is free for students under age of24 or who use .edu email address. Which makes it one of the best investments website for young adults. Acorns allow you to learn about your money more easily and its mobile applications make investing simple anytime you need to put some of your savings into a small investment.

2.     It is a smart investment app for the young adult demographic. Makes investing to earn interest work very simply. Also works well for those needing a helping hand in managing their finances and keeping up with financial education.

3.     The “Acorns Spend” checking account is the a feature offering from Acorns which is great on multiple levels: saving, investing, and earning on behalf of you.

4.     If you select “Acorns Spend” service, you get subscriptions to Acorns Plus, Acorns Later, and Acorns!


Swagbucks is a fun, easy to use site that allows you to earn cash by doing everyday activities. Here, users are rewarded for specific actions they perform on the website. The site has a program called “Rewards” where users earn points for every point earned by completing tasks and surveys. They can redeem the points for cash if they want to purchase higher-value goods or services. And when you have enough points, you’re able to try out new products and services that could potentially pay off in the future.

This is a great way to earn some extra cash while getting paid just doing what we love. It’s also not very high risk as if you get scammed or something goes wrong with your account. Though, Swagbucks requires little effort on your part, but these are fun activities and things you like to do in your spare time. Hence by using Swagbucks, you can monetizes your fun activity easily. Here is how you can get started:

·       To participate, you need to create a Swagbucks account and get started with some routine tasks offered via the app or site. As you participate more, you can also improve your earning figureto a decent amount in the long run.

·       Creating an account will reward you a free $5 bonus. You can also earn extra bonus by referring friend.