9 Ways to Make Money Using Your Spare Time & How to Get Started Now!

What to do with your spare time? You may come across things that would jampack your creativity and productivity as a creative person. You can turn your spare time into a profitable source of income. In this blog post, I’m going to share the steps to do that.

The internet is full of people making money from their spare time like freelancing and paid work. Some people even choose to make money doing things such as writing for pay or creating content for websites like us. It’s also possible for you to make some extra cash without being an expert in any field if you have some not commonly known skill, but everyone can use it with enough hard work and determination. If you have determination and persistence, then it is possible!

If you can’t afford to work, why not make extra money by working from home? The more you learn about online marketing and how it works, the more likely you are to be able to make some extra cash with your spare time. This article will show you how people can earn extra money by working from home. So let’s get started-

Write Articles

With the increasing importance of online marketing, there has been a rise in demand for freelance writers. The income is relatively high, especially if you can convert your passion into money. This method of earning money is nothing new but has experienced a significant revival fueled in the recent past.

The article writer is a prevalent job on the web. It has been around for a long time, and it still has a considerable demand. While many companies hire article writers to create content, they do not have very much in-depth experience or knowledge about the article composing industry.

Complete $5 Jobs

You can use this site to find high-quality micro-jobs. Micro jobs tend to involve writing or selling content, which you can present as a unique skill offering with relevant benefits/competencies/talents. They can give $5 and up for each job done!

Take time and research to learn more about these innovative tools and understand how they work and the different services offered by various companies. You can do anything from designing, writing, web services, vlogging, and many more without being a professional.

Sell Products on eBay / Amazon

If you’re thinking of making money online, eBay and Amazon is great place to start. It has millions of people who buy and sell everything from clothes to cars. The site has made it easy for people to find products that suit their specific needs, and now there are an increasing number of businesses using eBay as their primary source for advertisement.

Selling used items on eBay is a win-win for everyone involved. You get an easy, quick, and low-cost way to make money without much effort. You are selling these items because you love them and think they still have value.

Once they no longer fit in your closet, you sell them to someone who needs some old-school vintage clothing. Advertised on popular online auction sites such as eBay and Craigslist, your items will become more valuable because of their high resale value.

Amazon has similar services through the “buy on Amazon” services for anyone who would want to purchase bulk quantities of their products.

Start a Blog to Make Money

Blogging has become a popular way to make money with the internet. There are many blogs out there, and you can start your blog or work as a freelancer whether you want to start or expand your blog.

All we know is that it has been a vast industry growth over the past few years due to social media and Google AdWords. Some people call it “social blogging,” as there are blogs targeted towards specific topics/niches.

People can follow them on social media such as Facebook or Twitter to stay updated with what they are doing. Many blogs have been founded or started by entrepreneurs who have realized the benefits of this particular way of marketing their business without spending hours on writing articles themselves.

Thousands of blogs generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue a year, and most are just for fun! Through tools like Google AdSense, ads, and affiliate marketing, From social media traffic to on-site advertising, website and blog owners can make money with their websites and blogs. They can also make money from online advertising.

The most successful advertisers have a clear marketing strategy, are engaged with their audience in a personal way, and have identified the right audience for their products or services. This can be achieved through finding the right keywords, offering value to the customer, and keeping an eye on what’s happening!

Complete Online Surveys

Companies are using online surveys to get more information on topics they need. This is an effective way of gathering information. But it can also be a great way of making money, as the company will pay you for your opinion about the things that you think are important and relevant.

Surveys can be anything from hobbies to job satisfaction and various other subjects. You decide what you want your results to be? Content is the lifeblood of any online operation. Without content, there is no business – and it’s essential to keep your website fresh and up to date.

In today’s increasingly fragmented, competitive world, products and services are offered to customers by a collection of independent organizations – improving the customer experiences is essential. And that business can do easily with valuable feedback and surveys!

Businesses need to improve their sales, increase customer satisfaction and boost brand recognition. A company’s feedback and survey mechanism should evaluate its sales and marketing efforts. There are many services, such as Swagbucks, LifePoints, ValuedOpinions, Streetbees, OpinionBureau, InboxPounds, i-Say, InboxPounds, YouGov, and many more.

Survey companies work with different brands to fulfill their data requests, and they give some of the earnings to the person taking the survey.

Be a Youtuber

Videos have been an excellent source of income for online marketers. With the increase in popularity and rise of social media platforms, it has become easier to make money from your YouTube channel.

YouTube is an excellent place for beginners like us who want to make videos for their channel or more experienced people who wish to expand their following and build a brand. It has been around since 2005, but you will find that many people have been using it for years as well.

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in the video-sharing market. There are many new online video sites like YouTube, Tiktok, and reels in which people can upload their videos to generate money.

Not to mention, YouTube is world-famous video platform. It has a vast user base. YouTube’s Adsense platform, which largely depends on the advertisements that are clicked in those ads, relies on Google’s server infrastructure. To make money from your YouTube videos, you should have a good understanding of how to set up your account and start uploading your videos.

YouTube created a “Partners Program” to reward users for creating excellent content. Ad the best part, you don’t need millions of followersto get started!


Swagbucks is an app that allows you to earn extra cash and gift cards as you do things like watch videos, web surf, take short surveys. Swagbucks is an online rewards platorm that healp you reap points. You can redeem your points for gift cards, merchandise, and cash.

Obviously, you will not be rich just by watching 5 minutes of the ad or video, but earnings can add up and be of great use to you! Subscribe to this free service and earn a few bucks per month because anyway, you are going to pass your time n the internet doing random things!

Read Emails and Get Paid

Yes, you can get paid for reading emails! Daily, millions of people send emails. Those emails could be to solicit feedback, express their feelings and opinions. But don’t expect a lot of action from your audience as they have become so accustomed to the routine of reading email that they may not even notice a business.

GPT sites let people get paid to open emails and click their links. These sites are a huge growth market, and people want to make money on them. They pay $10 per lead, $20 per lead, and up to $100 per lead. It is the start of a new trend in online advertising. When you click on an email and click on a link, the company gets kickbacks and then pays you.

Be aware as many scammers promise to get you some money with no work at all and imitate themselves as GPT. It says it will give you “free money,” but in reality, it just wants your email address so that they can send you surveys and offers, etc.

Here are the legit sites with good payment terms Unique Rewards, FusionCash, InboxDollars, etc. So, once you learn how to make the most out of email content marketing, you can rack up massive commissions as a result!

Sell Stock Photos

Are you good at photography? A recent trend is to hire photography bloggers for the company website. With the increasing competition in the industry, it’s not surprising that companies are trying to grab a more significant audience share, which requires more than just good photography skills. Photographers can earn money by selling their photos to customers and making money from advertising.

If you want to take some time off from your social media to make some money, this is currently the easiest way to do so. Although it seems more like a fantasy than reality on the surface, countless opportunities are waiting for you. It is genuine and helps you earn a good amount on the websites like Shutterstock or Getty Images.

Marketing agencies, brands, and companies who are interested in your photos will pay a fee, and as a photographer, you’ll get a part of that fee. Images can be used much time. You can sell dozens or even hundreds of photos if you really have the thing and raise your earning potential!